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Costumes * Props * Set Design


Set Design Gallery

We have the ability to design and build full scale set pieces, booth displays, or photo ops.  We specialize in detailed replicas but we can definitely help with custom designs.  We also have our own set pieces that we can bring to your venue as a photo op, including a full scale Han in Carbonite at Jabba's Palace, Hoth Rebel Base, and even a Landspeeder.  We are willing to entertain ideas for creating new photo ops as well.

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Costume Gallery

We have the ability to design characters, props, or costumes based on your specifications or our artists can meticulously recreate your favorite iconic pieces too.  Our galleries not only showcase pieces that we have scratch built for studios or licensed vendors but also for our artists' private collections of screen accurate, full scale versions of the classics we have grown to love.

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Contact Us

We may be "Far Away Creations", but we are just an email away.  Please reach out to us and we will be available whether you are a studio looking for creations for your film project, a convention looking for a photo op.,  an artist looking to network with our company, or an enthusiast looking for us to bring your wildest ideas to life. 

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