The Lone Ranger

April - May, 2012

Cal spends some time in the desert on the set of the new Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. 
In December, 2012, Cal was invited by Elizebeth Gable, to come to a casting call for a new movie  in New Mexico called "Silver Bullet".

Cal was skeptical because when he searched for "Silver Bullet", he found reference for a Stephen King movie filmed in 1985.  At first Cal shrugged it off but then got to thinking about it because of his experiences as a young boy playing the lone ranger on the family farm, so he started to research it. 

Cal couldn't find much information. W
hen Cal was an extra on the movie "Paul", he remembered being informed of a new Johnny Depp movie where Johnny would portray "Tonto".

Because of this, Cal decided to give it a shot and make the 8 hour trek to Albuquerque with his wife Kathy to the casting call.  He also invited his good friend Lor, who lives in Albuquerque, to join them. Lor was also in the movie "Paul".

They told us that we "could" be called anytime between January, 2012 and August, 2012 and that we were not to cut our hair or shave our facial hair.  So, the 6 month venture with untrimmed facial hair ensued.

While at the casting call, Elizebeth asked if we could ride horses or if we had horses.  Cal, having grown up on a horse ranch could certainly ride but it had been many years since he had done so.

Cal's mom still had a couple of horses, so Cal rekindled his horse riding abilities.  The horses needed the excercise anyway.  They had become too lazy.

Cal grew up around horses and spent a lot of time going on horseback rides and cattle drives with his mom.

Getting to be in the Lone Ranger was a dream come true for Cal.

When Cal was a kid, he had a white shetland pony named "Vanilla".  Now, Vanilla was getting old by the time Cal started riding and working with him and Vanilla wouldn't gallup exactly.  He pretty much only ran in a fast trot.  This gave Cal the most wicked side aches.  Well, Cal's friend had a Shetland pony that was a paint.  Being a fan of the re-runs of the Lone Ranger TV series, Cal and his friend would often play the Lone Ranger and Tonto when either of them would take their ponies to the other family's house.  Since Vanilla would mostly just trot, Cal would tell his friend how awesome it is to get to be the Lone Ranger, just so Cal could ride the younger pony that would actually gallup and run.  

Eventually Cal's friend caught on and got tired of being the Lone Ranger.

One day on set, they wanted some extra bodies in the background on the train so they selected a few of the railroad workers (aka: Us) to go get on the train.  They never had railroad workers on the train in the movie.  We were just silhouettes in the background ;)

Well, on this particular day there were some sporadic sandstorms.  Cal and Lor were still on the train as they were clearing the set and having everyone go to extra's holding, so Cal and Lor snagged a couple of cool pics on the train:

On Cal's last day on set, he was to film two "parts".  In the morning he was his normal railroad worker character and then in the afternoon he and a select amount of workers were to be silhouettes ("townies") on the train in the background.

Since they wanted us to be "townies" (aka: towns people) as silhouettes on the train, they gave Cal a new hat to wear: